Where can I learn meditation in Thailand?

  • The Kamalaya, Koh Samui.
  • Phuket Meditation Centre.
  • Suan Sati – Yoga Retreat Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai.
  • Orion Healing, Surat Thani.
  • Dhamma Kancana Vipassana Meditation Centre, Kanchanaburi.

Can you stay at a Buddhist monastery in Thailand?

Even a short stay at a Buddhist monastery in Thailand is a rejuvenating and an eye-opening experience. Hence, make sure to sign up for a short disclosure at one of the monasteries that teach the lessons that Buddha imparted nearly 2000 years ago on your next holiday in Thailand.

Can you live with monks in Thailand?

For a couple of months you can Live in a Buddhist monastery as a volunteer to gain the experience of a lifetime. A Buddhist Monastery volunteer gets the opportunity to not just intermingle with the Buddhist people, but live like the way they do and understand their hardships and also their culture, traditions.

Where can I study Buddhism in Thailand?

The three universities are Mahachulalongkorana- rajavidyalaya University (founded in 1887), Mahamakut Buddhist University (founded in 1893), and International Buddhist College (founded in 2005). All these universities have colleges spread nationwide as well as internationally.

Can anyone join a Buddhist monastery?

Every monastery has unique requirements, but generally speaking, you must be a member of a church, male, free of debt, and under a certain age (usually 35 or 45). Applicants younger than 21 are rarely accepted. If you’re under 18 and a monastery will let you join, it requires parental permission.

How do I join a monastery in Thailand?

How do you meditate in Thailand?

The main style of meditation taught in Thailand is satipatthana — mindfulness. In Thailand’s Buddhist temples, people normally sit with the right foot on the left thigh, the left foot under the right thigh, and the right hand placed upon the left in your lap with thumbs touching.

How do you become a Buddhist monk in Thailand?

After reading some Buddhist scriptures, conversing with the abbot, and answering set questions, he is ordained into the sangha (the Buddhist monastic order). His family members approach him on their knees to show deference, and present him with everything he will need for his time at the monastery.

Where do monks live in Thailand?

There are some 300,000 monks living in the Land of Smiles. From Phuket to Bangkok, visitors are almost guaranteed to see a few of them in Thailand.

What foods are forbidden in Buddhism?

Theravada and Mahayana: often do not eat meat and fish, some are vegan. Theravada and Mahayana from China and Vietnam: do not eat garlic, onion, chives, shallot or leek (five pungent spices – believed to increase one’s sexual desire and anger) Tibetans: never eat fish, usually will not eat foul.

How many meals a day do Buddhist monks eat?

Restrictive diet Traditionally, those alms are calorie-rich foods, either processed or homemade – with the Buddhist faithful wanting to offer something of high value and taste. The monks are also forbidden from eating anything after 12 p.m., having only one or two meals a day between the hours of 6 a.m. and noon.

How do monks sleep?

With the ninth precept, Buddhists refrain from lying in a high or luxurious sleeping place. Monks take that a step further and aim to sleep upright to reduce the need for sleep.

How do Thai pray?

A wai is a form of communication and a customary greeting in Thailand and it is also used to say thank you. You wai by placing your palms of your hands together in a prayer-like gesture with your fingers pointing upwards while bowing your head slightly.

What type of Buddhism is practiced in Thailand?

Practiced by more than 95% of the population, Theravada Buddhism is the official religion of Thailand and plays a key role in many aspects of Thai culture.

How is Thai Buddhism different?

Thai Buddhism is distinguished for its emphasis on short-term ordination for every Thai man and its close interconnection with the Thai state and Thai culture. The two official branches, or Nikayas, of Thai Buddhism are the royally backed Dhammayuttika Nikaya and the larger Maha Nikaya.

How many hours do monks sleep?

Between praying up to seven times a day and working a medieval monk got little sleep. They averaged approximately five hours sleep between evening prayers and the 2am church service, and then snatched another half an hour before being up at 4am for more prayer.

Can you wear socks in a Buddhist temple?

Do’s and don’ts of visiting a Buddhist temple You should have your knees and shoulders covered, for both men and women. Wear a clean and neat outfit (not something full of holes for example). Uncover your head and remove your shoes (socks are ok).

Is it disrespectful to go to a Buddhist temple?

Visitors who are respectful and aware of the rules will always be welcome. You might also find it helpful to learn about the specific dos and don’ts that apply to one of Southeast Asia’s Buddhist-majority countries and read up on etiquette for visitors to Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Myanmar.

Can foreigners become Thai monks?

There are plenty of temples in Thailand that will accept foreigners, with varying degrees of success depending on factors such as the language and the very Thai nature of doing Buddhist things in this country.

What diet do monks eat?

The diet of Tibetan monks is based on Tsampa (made of Tibetan barley), Yak butter tea, and some other dairy products, which can provide them with the necessary energy to survive in the high altitude environment. Also, Tibetan monks eat beans, noodle soups, and stir-fried or steamed vegetable dishes.

Can foreigners become Buddhist monks?

The best way for a foreigner to become a monk is to get in touch with a monastery that houses an English speaking monk who can not only ordain you, but explain to you the significance of becoming a monk and the traditions behind the ceremony.

How do you meditate like a Buddhist?

Just breathe normally and pay attention to your breathing process, one breath at a time. Keep your awareness focused but be gentle; you should have an attitude of discovering and making friends with yourself. Acknowledge the thoughts that pop into your mind without engaging them. Simply observe them and let go.

How do you pray like a Buddhist monk?

How do Buddhist monks meditate?

In a Theravada tradition, mindfulness might be developed by paying attention to the breath, or to body and feelings, or the current of ideas and images that moves through the mind as meditators sit and observe themselves.

Can a monk have a wife?

Buddhists monks choose not to marry and remain celibate while living in the monastic community. This is so that they can focus on achieving enlightenment .

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