What are the synonyms for contemplation?

  • meditation.
  • reflection.
  • reverie.
  • ambition.
  • cogitation.
  • consideration.
  • deliberation.
  • design.

What are synonyms for meditation?

  • introspection.
  • reflection.
  • rumination.
  • self-examination.
  • concentration.
  • deep thought.
  • pondering.
  • quiet time.

What are 2 synonyms for meditative?

  • introspective.
  • pensive.
  • reflective.
  • awake.
  • aware.
  • cogitative.
  • lucubratory.
  • musing.

What is the correct meaning of contemplation?

1 : the act of thinking about spiritual things : meditation. 2 : the act of looking at or thinking about something for some time. More from Merriam-Webster on contemplation.

What is the opposite meaning of meditate?

Antonyms. unthoughtfulness thoughtful thoughtless inconsideration thoughtlessness tactlessness unkindness. rumination thoughtfulness musing speculation contemplation.

What are different types of meditation?

  • mindfulness meditation.
  • spiritual meditation.
  • focused meditation.
  • movement meditation.
  • mantra meditation.
  • transcendental meditation.
  • progressive relaxation.
  • loving-kindness meditation.

What words are associated with meditation?

  • brown study,
  • daydreaming,
  • introspection,
  • muse,
  • navel-gazing,
  • reflection,
  • retrospection,
  • reverie,

What is a meditating person called?


How do you use meditation in a sentence?

Examples of meditation in a Sentence She spent the morning in meditation. Daily meditation helps clear his mind.

Is meditation a contemplation?

The main difference between contemplation and meditation is that meditation is a practice that focuses on clearing the mind, while contemplation is a more analytical and reflective practice that involves thinking deeply about a particular topic or concept. Sometimes, all you need is to understand your own thoughts.

What is an example of contemplation?

The definition of contemplation is studying or observing something carefully or thinking deeply about something. When you sit quietly and think about your future or your life, this is an example of contemplation. When you go and study a piece of art at a museum for a long time, this is an example of contemplation.

What type of word is contemplation?

The act of the mind in considering with attention; continued attention of the mind to a particular subject; meditation; musing; study.

What is the difference between meditation and contemplation?

While both are forms of prayer, the fundamental difference between meditation and contemplation is that meditation is a human mode of prayer whereas contemplation is divinely infused.

What does contemplating life mean?

intransitive/transitive to think very carefully about something for a long time. I haven’t got time to sit around contemplating the meaning of life.

How do you contemplate your life?

  1. Make contemplation a priority. You’re a busy person.
  2. Pick a time. If you don’t plan contemplation into your schedule, it probably won’t happen.
  3. Have a purpose.
  4. Examine your day.
  5. Examine your challenges.
  6. Search for solutions.
  7. Search for answers.
  8. Relax.

Is mindfulness the opposite of meditation?

A Look at the Differences With Concentration Meditation Concentration allows the meditator to increase focus to achieve the best results. Mindfulness, on the other hand, is the sensitive awareness that allows the meditator to experience their practice in an expansive, nonjudgmental way.

What does meditative mean in English?

Definition of meditative 1 : marked by or conducive to meditation. 2 : disposed or given to meditation.

Is meditatively a word?

adj. Characterized by or given to meditation.

What is the root word for meditate?

The Latin word for “ponder,” meditari, is the root of meditate. Definitions of meditate. verb. reflect deeply on a subject. synonyms: chew over, contemplate, excogitate, mull, mull over, muse, ponder, reflect, ruminate, speculate, think over.

What are the two forms of meditation?

  • Meditation can be defined as a set of techniques that are intended to encourage a heightened state of awareness and focused attention.
  • Meditation can take on many different forms, but there are two main types: concentrative meditation and mindfulness meditation:2.

What meditation is not?

You concentrate on one object to the exclusion of everything else. By contrast, meditation is all-inclusive, your consciousness is expanded. The contemplator is focused on an object. But, the meditator is simply aware, but not of anything in particular.

What is the purpose of meditation?

The basic concept of meditation is that it is a practice that connects the mind and the body. Its purpose is to help increase both physical and mental peace and calm, which also helps you to learn how to live more fully in the present.

What are the benefits of meditation?

  • Reduces stress. Stress reduction is one of the most common reasons people try meditation.
  • Controls anxiety.
  • Promotes emotional health.
  • Enhances self-awareness.
  • Lengthens attention span.
  • May reduce age-related memory loss.
  • Can generate kindness.
  • May help fight addictions.

What is a synonym for Zen?

meditation. contemplation. introspection. reflection. “We want to obtain a state of Zen.

What does the Bible say about meditation?

The Bible mentions 23 occurrences of some translation of meditate: 19 of them appear in the Psalms, and of the 23, 20 refer specifically to meditating on the Lord in some way. We are told to meditate on his actions, law, or testimonies – all of which are found within his Word.

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