Is SimplePractice easy to use?

“SimplePractice is really easy to use and the user interface is nice. It makes a lot of the monotonous tasks of documenting and billing super easy.”

How do I use SimplePractice?

Is SimplePractice an EHR?

SimplePractice™: Practice Management Software & EHR.

Is the SimplePractice app free?

Yes. We offer a free, secure, HIPAA-compliant Android and iPhone app.

Can clients see notes in SimplePractice?

Any team member with access to the client’s profile will be able to view, edit, and/or delete notes. This means that your Schedulers and/or Billers will also be able to view this note, or leave their own without having access to the client’s full clinical record.

What can clients see in SimplePractice?

Sharing documents and files with clients. Sending Statements, Superbills, or Invoices. Allowing clients to make credit card payments through the portal (Online Payments account required) Allowing clients to request appointments online (available on the Essential and Plus plans only)

How much does SimplePractice cost each month?

SimplePractice offers three plans, the Start Plan for $29 per month, the Essential Plan starting at $69 per month and the Plus Plan starting at $99 per month. Visit to see what features are available in each plan.

Can you fax from SimplePractice?

SimplePractice does not offer eFaxing or fax machine capabilities. At this time we do not plan to add this functionality to SimplePractice. If you are required to fax documentation, we recommend checking out a HIPAA compliant eFax solution.

Can you get an email address through SimplePractice?

There are two different email addresses that you can have saved for your SimplePractice account. One is your Account Email, and the other is your Practice Email. Your Account Email is the email address that’s associated with your SimplePractice account and is used to communicate with the SimplePractice team.

Does SimplePractice charge for billing?

The Essential plan includes 10 free claims a month and the Plus plan includes 35 free claims a month that would otherwise be billed at $0.25 each.

Is SimplePractice certified?

SimplePractice is HIPAA compliant and HITRUST certified. The HITRUST framework is the gold standard of security certifications in the healthcare industry. You can learn more about all the ways we keep customer and client data safe.

Who owns SimplePractice?

SimplePractice™ CEO Howard Spector.

Can I use SimplePractice on my phone?

You can download the SimplePractice mobile app through the App Store on an iPad or through the Google Play Store on an Android tablet. Keep in mind that the mobile app was designed for a smartphone, so the functionality and experience will be the same on a tablet as it is on a phone.

What are therapists notes called?

Psychotherapy notes, also called process or private notes, are notes taken by a mental health professional during a session with a patient.

How do you write a simple practice note?

How long does it take to write progress notes?

Set a timer for 10 minutes and then begin writing your note. Realistically, you should plan to spend five to 10 minutes writing notes for a 45-minute session. Less time than that and youre likely not reflecting enough on the clinical content.

Does SimplePractice link with Quickbooks?

If you are trying to upload your SimplePractice data to the online version of Quickbooks, you’ll want to use the SimplePractice CSV export outlined here. The exported data will contain the date, transaction type, amount, and name of the client.

How much is a simple subscription?

Starting at $69/mo.

Is SimplePractice HIPAA compliant?

Is SimplePractice HIPAA-compliant? SimplePractice is HIPAA compliant and HITRUST certified. The HITRUST framework is the gold standard of security certifications in the healthcare industry. You can learn more about all the ways we keep customer and client data safe.

What replaced fax machine?

Digital fax is the fax replacement your business needs.

How do you import clients into simple practice?

  1. Step 1: Exporting your client data. The first step in migrating your client data into SimplePractice is exporting it from your previous EHR.
  2. Step 2: Uploading your client data.
  3. Step 3: Sending a Mass Document request to your clients.
  4. Step 4: Storing client documentation and adding your calendar.

What is an alternative to faxing?

Google Drive, Dropbox, and other cloud sharing services are great for sending and receiving documents with sensitive information or PHI. Although cloud sharing is more secure to use than faxing, it’s worth noting that breaches are still common, which calls for extra data protection.

How do you send documents to all clients in SimplePractice?

  1. Navigate to Reports > Client details.
  2. Click Export.
  3. Select CSV or Excel.
  4. Once downloaded, open the file and copy/paste the Email column into the BCC field of your email provider.
  5. Type the message you’d like to send to all clients.
  6. Click Send.

How do I upload documents to SimplePractice?

Here’s how to upload your business documents: Go to Settings > Business Documents. Click Upload Now.

Can I have two SimplePractice accounts?

For the safety and security of your client records, we cannot merge one SimplePractice account with another.

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