Is Cerebral legit company?

Customer reviews Most reviews are positive and applaud Cerebral’s quality counselors, ease of use, medication tracking, and helpful care team. Many reviewers say Cerebral was “life-changing” to their mental health, and they express feeling heard by their counselor.

What medication does Cerebral prescribe?

Cerebral providers prescribe selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors or serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors to treat anxiety, depression, and insomnia. In some states, they may also prescribe medications to treat ADHD, PTSD, and bipolar disorder.

How much is Cerebral a month?

Cerebral’s Therapy plan starts at $259 per month. This subscription includes weekly sessions with a licensed therapist. If Cerebral is in-network with your insurance plan, your monthly subscription fee starts at just $30 per month under all of our plans.

Is Cerebral real therapy?

Cerebral is one of the many new teletherapy mental health platforms, offering video and phone appointments with board certified psychiatrists and licensed therapists, plus medication management. While Cerebral is popular and fast-growing, it also has some challenges to meet.

Can you get Xanax from cerebral?

Cerebral is halting prescriptions such as Adderall and Xanax for current and new patients. Cerebral will stop prescribing most controlled substances to new and existing patients, the embattled digital mental health company confirmed to Insider.

Can you cancel cerebral anytime?

You may initiate your cancellation at any time, but the cancellation will become effective at the end of your current Subscription Period. You can cancel by clicking “Cancel Subscription” in your User Account no later than the day before your next scheduled billing date to cancel your Subscription.

Is Cerebral under investigation?

Digital mental health company Cerebral is under investigation by the Federal Trade Commission, according to a letter sent by the agency and reviewed by the Wall Street Journal.

Why is Cerebral no longer prescribing controlled substances?

Last week, Cerebral said it will no longer prescribe most controlled substances to patients starting May 20, citing the eventual expiration of telehealth waivers that allowed online prescriptions for drugs like Xanax and Adderall.

Does Cerebral still prescribe Adderall?

Cerebral stops prescribing Adderall for new ADHD patients as reports of DEA investigation surface. Cerebral will stop writing prescriptions for Adderall, Ritalin and other controlled substances to new ADHD patients as concerns grow about telehealth companies’ prescribing practices.

Can cerebral prescribe Klonopin?

Yes, Cerebral’s licensed prescribers may prescribe antidepressants and anti-anxiety medication and ensure your treatment is delivered right to your door. The process is seamless and effortless.

Can cerebral diagnose ADHD?

Cerebral is another website that offers fast ADHD diagnosis and treatment, but also offers treatment for other mental health conditions, including depression or anxiety. Customers screen for the disorder they think they may have, and are able to set up a treatment plan that includes medication, therapy or both.

Does cerebral treat ADHD?

Cerebral offers monthly subscriptions for behavioral and medication-based treatment for patients with mental health conditions such as ADHD, depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

What conditions does cerebral treat?

Cerebral is a teletherapy and medication management company focused on helping people dealing with insomnia, anxiety and depression specifically. In some states, Cerebral therapists also treat bipolar disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder.

What is the panic button on cerebral?

In the app, you will see a Panic button in the menu. Tap it if you experience a panic attack or are feeling incredibly anxious and need non-emergency help. You will rate how you feel from 0 (terrible) to 10 (great). It then launches a grounding exercise to help you get through it.

Does cerebral treat bipolar?

While Cerebral focuses on treating people with anxiety, depression, ADHD, bipolar disorder, postpartum depression, and insomnia, Monument aims its services at people in alcohol addiction recovery.

Can Telehealth prescribe Xanax?

Also, some people can become addicted to benzos, meaning they’re physically dependent on them. This means you won’t be able to get prescriptions like Ativan, Klonopin, Valium, or Xanax through telehealth.

Can I get Adderall through telemedicine?

Because Adderall is a controlled substance, doctors can only prescribe Adderall to patients who reside in the same state they practice. This means that while telemedicine opens the door to a wide variety of providers, you are limited to only the doctors offering care in your state.

Can an online psychiatrist prescribe Xanax?

No. Xanax is an FDA-controlled substance that cannot legally be prescribed online. In order to obtain Xanax, you have to see a doctor in person. However, online psychiatrists can prescribe other options such as SSRIs or anti-anxiety medications.

How can I get my money back from Cerebral?

As with many automatic recurring subscriptions, Cerebral immediately charges customers upon registration and “there are no refunds regardless of whether Services were utilized,” according to the company’s publicly available terms and conditions.

How easy is it to cancel Cerebral?

Canceling Cerebral can be extremely difficult. According to some reviewers on Trustpilot, the customer service team at Cerebral needs to be better organized. One reviewer said they tried to cancel their account several days before the billing cycle.

Does Cerebral prescribe Suboxone?

Robertson wrote that Cerebral will discontinue controlled substance prescriptions for new patients beginning on May 20 and for existing patients on Oct. 15. He said Cerebral will continue to prescribe Suboxone and Narcan, when appropriate.

Is Cerebral being sued?

The lawsuit, filed Wednesday in California state court, alleges that Cerebral planned to increase customer retention by prescribing stimulants to 100% of its ADHD patients.

Will cerebral go out of business?

Layoffs have begun to hit the digital health industry as two digital health unicorns said they were cutting staff this week. Cerebral, the embattled mental health startup, confirmed layoffs will occur by July 1.

What happened at cerebral?

The mental health startup Cerebral said it would stop prescribing controlled substances to treat ADHD for new patients on Wednesday, a week after an ex-executive filed a lawsuit alleging he was fired in retaliation for speaking up about unethical business practices, including the company’s practice of overprescribing …

Does Cerebral prescribe Lexapro?

Yes – getting escitalopram prescribed online is made easy with Cerebral after a consultation with a licensed prescribing provider. Cerebral also offers 24/7 messaging with your care team and access to CBT courses in your patient portal. If you’re ready to start treatment, take a free emotional assessment today!

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