How do you run a successful group fitness class?

  1. Make Safety a Top Priority.
  2. Keep Things Interesting.
  3. Spend One-On-One Time With Each Class Member.
  4. Lead by Example.
  5. Expand Your Education.
  6. Know Your Audience.
  7. Be Accessible After Class to Your Members.

How do I create a group exercise program?

  1. Personalize Your Service. Get to know your class members individually.
  2. Create a Challenge. Get your members feeling motivated and excited to work out in your class – create a class-based challenge that pulls everyone together.
  3. Offer a Referral Program for the Class.
  4. Use Social Media.

How do you host a fitness class?

  1. Smile.
  2. Know the platform you are broadcasting from.
  3. Be on time.
  4. Set up appropriate lighting.
  5. Shoot your video in the optimal settings.
  6. Camera position is essential.
  7. Consider your audio setup.
  8. Use music wisely.

How do you introduce an exercise class?

Can you teach group fitness without a certification?

The simple answer is no, you absolutely cannot teach group fitness classes without a certification. But why, you may ask? The most obvious point is that a certification to teach fitness classes educates you properly, meaning you’re much less likely to cause injury or misdirect others.

Is it worth being a group fitness instructor?

Increased confidence – Getting up and teaching to a group of strangers for an hour can be nerve-wracking. It’s also super rewarding! Being an instructor has increased my confidence, which has spilled over into my day job as an engineer.

How do you make group fitness fun?

  1. Balloon Bounce. For this game you need one balloon and at least 3 players.
  2. Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better! Play this game indoors or outside!
  3. Robin Hood.
  4. Flip a Coin Workout.
  5. Use Your Full Name Workout.
  6. Deck of Cards Workout.
  7. Uno Card Game Workout.
  8. Phone Number Workout.

How do you program a small group personal training?

How do you choreograph a fitness class?

How do group fitness instructors become confident?

How do you teach group classes?

What do you say in a fitness class?

Instead of saying, “good job,” or, “keep it up,” pick out one thing your class is doing particularly well and bring attention to it. You could say, “I love that you are all doing pushups on your toes! You’ve come such a long way, and I’m proud of you for challenging your body.”

How do you introduce yourself as a fitness instructor?

What makes a good fitness instructor?

A great fitness instructor is someone who builds a relationship of mutual understanding and trust through clear communication. According to Albert Mehrabian’s 7-38-55 Rule of Personal Communication, 55% of how we communicate is through body language, 38% is through tone of voice, and 7% is through the words used.

Can I run a fitness class with no qualifications?

Do fitness instructors need a first aid qualification? It’s not mandatory for fitness instructors to be first aid-qualified in order to work in a gym or leisure centre. However, gyms and fitness clubs are required, by law, to always have at least one first aid qualified professional on-site.

What qualifications do you need to teach aerobics?

In order to become a certified aerobics instructor, you will need to complete an Exercise to Music qualification. The Exercise to Music course is a Level 2 qualification, and it is referred to as a ‘Level 2 Aerobics Instructor course’ simply for the fact that it qualifies you to work as an aerobics instructor.

Can you be a PT without a qualification?

Can you get a PT job without a qualification? Here’s the short answer – no. Virtually every personal trainer job advertisement you see will ask for a minimum of a Level 3 Personal Training certificate.

How do group fitness instructors make money?

  1. Sell online courses. People increasingly want to learn and train on their own schedule.
  2. Offer small group PT.
  3. Organise retreats or fitness holidays.
  4. Run courses.
  5. Run seminars or workshops.
  6. Promote supplements.
  7. Create ebooks.
  8. Sell home equipment.

Is personal training a good side hustle?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that the median personal trainer salary is $40,700 per year. This equates to roughly $19.57 per hour. Based on these numbers, if you do your hustle 10 hours per week, you would earn roughly $194.80. Hustle 20 hours and you would make double that amount, or $389.60.

Why do I love being a group fitness instructor?

I have the ability to design and deliver meaningful and memorable movement experiences, helping people to move better and function more efficiently not just during their workouts, but also while enjoying the many activities of daily life.

What does a group exercise instructor do?

Group fitness instructors organize and lead group exercise classes, which can include aerobic exercises, stretching, or muscle conditioning. Some classes are set to music. In these classes, instructors may select the music and choreograph an exercise sequence.

How do you charge for small group training?

In general, a good price for small-group programs is approximately $12 to $25 per person, per workout. The primary variables are your costs: marketing expenses, the amount of equipment involved and whether or not you need a permit to hold an outdoor workout class.

Is small group personal training worth it?

Working alongside others has scientifically proven merits, too – studies show that working in a group (and in particular smaller group personal training sessions) is not only beneficial for your physical wellbeing, but they also play a big role in how you find motivation and desire to exercise.

How many people are in small group training?

Small group training consists of one trainer working with a group of three to eight clients. Keeping the group to an 8-person max allows the personal trainer to build a connection with each individual while also giving proper attention to each participant’s safety, form, and alignment.

What is freestyle group fitness?

“Freestyle is a group exercise class that does not conform to a pre-choreographed format. It embraces many levels and styles. It can be highly choreographed or plain and simple. The instructor controls the content including its complexity and intensity.

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