How do I use TrueCoach client?

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Is there a TrueCoach app for coaches?

How do I get the TrueCoach Android client app? You can download the Android app from the Google Play store after opting into the Google Play testing program. Click here to access the app.

How do you get clients on TrueCoach?

Client Types TrueCoach will send them an invitation email inviting them to create an account. Remote clients are able to view their workouts and update their own results. A Dual Client trains with you in-person sometimes and on their own the rest. TrueCoach will send them an email inviting them to create an account.

What is the TrueCoach app?

TrueCoach is built for personalized fitness coaching. Check your workouts, communicate with your coach, and track your progress over time – in one easy-to-use app. TrueCoach is the number one platform for coaches and trainers who want to manage more clients with less admin work.

Is TrueCoach free for clients?

TrueCoach is 100% free for your clients.

Can you have 2 coaches on TrueCoach?

Well lucky for you, you can add as many coaches to your TrueCoach account for no additional cost!

How do I set up TrueCoach?

After you add a new client to TrueCoach, they will receive an invitation email. Clicking that will bring them to a page to set a password and finish setting up their account. Once that’s done, their account will be activated and they’ll be ready to train!

How do I link TrueCoach to MyFitnessPal?

From here, you’ll need to login to your TrueCoach account via web browser. Then, navigate to your account page to see your Nutrition tab. From there, click “Connect MyFitnessPal” at the top of your screen. Next up, enter in your MyFitnessPal login information in the pop-up window.

How do you use PT minder?

How do I remove a coach from Truecoach?

From the Subscriptions page, you will see tabs for current and canceled subscriptions. You can cancel a clients subscription from the list of Current subscriptions or by clicking into the individual client’s Payments.

How do I upload videos to Truecoach?

In the app, begin your workout (Exercise A for this example) and when you want to upload a photo/video you will select “Update results for A”. From there, you can select the camera icon and upload the image you wish! Make sure to hit “Update results for A” to save your uploads!

How do personal trainers keep track of clients progress?

  1. Progress reports. Structured progress reports are a simple and effective means of helping clients evaluate progress and focus on their goals.
  2. ‘Before and after’ photos.
  3. Workout or nutrition records.
  4. Communication.

Can I use Trainerize without a trainer?

If you’re asking, “Can I use Trainerize without a trainer?” then the answer is yes.

How many clients can you have on TrueCoach?

TrueCoach offers you a free 14-Day trial of full access. This means you can add as many clients as you want and manage them using all our time-saving features.

How do you save your workout on Truecoach?

  1. Select desired workouts.
  2. Select “print workouts”
  3. Select preview in PDF.
  4. Save that file as PDF.

How do I integrate with MyFitnessPal?

  1. Navigate to the MyFitnessPal app and tap to open.
  2. Tap on the More tab.
  3. Tap on Apps & Devices.
  4. Search and tap on Health app.
  5. Tap on Settings to connect MyFitnessPal to Apple Health.
  6. Make sure Allow “MyFitnessPal” to Read Data > Workouts is turned to ON to sync your workouts between both apps.

How do I connect MyFitnessPal?

Android users: Tap the “Menu” icon on the dashboard then tap “Account & Settings.” iOS users: Tap the “More” menu icon, then tap “Account Settings” or the “Profile” icon on the dashboard. Once you’re signed in, tap on “More” in the tab. Tap “App and device connections.” Scroll down the list and tap on “MyFitnessPal.”

Does MyFitnessPal have coaches?

We’ll provide you with coaching, actionable tips and education that will ultimately help you form better nutrition and fitness habits even after you finish a Plan.

What is client area name on PTminder?

In the Client Area tab, within the Settings menu, once you enable your Client Area you can choose a custom client area name which becomes part of the website link/URL that your clients can visit to make bookings, buy services and login to the general client area.

How do I cancel my PTminder membership?

Log in to PTminder, then up the top right click the downward arrow and go to ‘Plan & Billing: Select ‘Cancel Account’ button.

Can clients pay through TrueCoach?

As soon as your client makes a payment through TrueCoach, we’ll initiate the payout to your linked bank account. Your first payout will be deposited 7-10 days after you start processing payments in TrueCoach. Once your first payout is successfully deposited, future payouts will be deposited on a daily schedule.

Is TrueCoach Hipaa compliant?

At this time, TrueCoach is not HIPAA compliant.

How do I remove clients from true coach?

To delete, click on the Clients tab at the top of the page, then show Archived clients. Click the button to the right of the client’s name and click delete.

How do you share documents on Truecoach?

If you’d like to share a file with a single client, use tool to attach it in a direct message to them. This may be a great place to upload some terms/tips for your training, introduce new clients to your way of programming, or provide some additional guidelines on nutrition and recovery.

How do I create a client workout plan?

  1. Know Your Client. What’s their goal? What’s their history?
  2. Perform a Needs Analysis.
  3. Grow and manage your fitness business with
  4. Follow These Universal Principles. Simplicity. Specificity.
  5. Create a Program ‘Skeleton’
  6. Select and Order Exercises.
  7. Assign Sets, Reps, and Rest.
  8. Plan the Warm-ups.
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